Lawn Care

Your lawncare ritual is not only important to you, but also to your entire neighborhood. Curb appeal is where first impressions are born. Well curb appeal starts at the curb of a well maintained lawn. The manner in which you keep your lawn tells others a lot about you. Your front yard can add value or decrease the value of your home and your entire neighborhood. In reality, your home is probably your largest investment.

Your lawn is the most important part of your home's landscape. The lawn ties it all together by connecting your grounds with the surrounding features (walkways, streets and neighboring properties). Your lawn makes your home friendly and inviting. Well maintained lawns are an asset to your neighborhood. Conversely, a poorly maintained lawn has a negative affect on your neighborhood.

Lawns are not only important for aesthetic purposes. A lawn helps us in many ways..........

  • It cleans the air by trapping dust, dirt and pollen.
  • It cushions not only our steps but also our children's falls.
  • If it is healthy, it absorbs a lot of water, preventing a muddy mess after a rainfall.
  • Studies show it makes us happier and helps us get healthier quicker.
  • It regularly releases oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide, ozone and hydrogen flouride.
  • It cools the air.
  • It buffers loud noises.
  • It provides insects, worms and other food for the birds.

When a visitor or a neighbor passes by let them ask themselves what is it about those people with the perfect front yard? What is their lawncare regimen? What are they doing to get that lush fairway look? Deep down that is how we all want our own grass to look.


The answer to all that........

  • Dethatching in the spring time
  • 3-4 Fertilizations per season
  • Proper watering technique
  • And most important of all....... regular lawn mowing on a weekly basis.